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Engineering Manager, Hubble | Former Tech Lead, Rakuten Viki |

The QA team is perhaps the best ally that development teams can have.

Don’t hate them for catching your bugs — they are there to help the team and company succeed. …

…and why the cloud is important for our application needs

This is a written version of a project I did in 2021. See more on the live talk in Facebook here!

The cloud’s an ecosystem of many essential tools for application development and hosting.

Especially Google Cloud, a cloud platform…

source: pixabay, author: GDJ

Failed software product launches. This is something that, we, as consumers of this decade, have become accustomed to. This sore spot grows excruciatingly sore for some of us who doubles up as both developers and gamers, a mix of sympathetic understanding and frustration.

Gone are the days where we could…

source: ruby

After being stuck on one single bug today for many hours, I thought I would write this short piece. Maybe it will help someone out, maybe not. But it will be a reminder to myself to not make the same mistake.


I have a Rails application, logging to STDOUT. It…

source: pixabay, author: tumisu

Slow systems are a bane of any product. Ask the audience of web applications, and you would know. …

source: pixabay, author: Mediamodifier

In season 2 episode 18 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, the following brain teaser was asked:

“There are 12 men on an island. 11 weigh exactly the same amount, but one of them is slightly lighter or heavier. You must figure out which. The island has no escapes, but there is a…

source: pixabay, author: athree23

“There are known knowns…There are known unknowns….But there are also unknown unknowns.”

The above phrase was coined by the former US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfield. …

source: pixabay, author: Cdd20

I am obsessed with achieving high levels of productivity for myself.

As a working adult on a full-time job, I commit myself to work on office hours for the weekdays. Sometimes I pull longer hours if there is a need. Here, I feel truly productive.

However, this obsession with productivity…

source: pixabay, author: Free-Photos

“Searching” is a classic problem that many web applications face.

Look at any e-commerce site — to find what you want from their vast catalog of products, you can run a search on related keywords. …

source: pixabay, author: suju-foto

Communication is key to human life.

And that’s not an understatement. Humans, regardless of gender, convey a total of around 16,000 words a day, as found by a study done at the University of Arizona in 2007¹. Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg — when communicating in…


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